Fairgrieve 5th Graders Learn About The Rainforest

Fairgreive Elementary School fifth graders went on a journey through the Amazon Rainforest without even leaving the school cafeteria.

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Fifth graders enjoy the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse performance of “Amelia and the Heart of the Amazon.”

They got lost in scenery of trees and animals as they followed the story of “Amelia and the Heart of the Amazon,” a Merry-Go-Round Playhouse performance.

The fifth graders worried alongside Amelia, a character lost in the Rainforest who tried to find her way back to camp.

The humor-infused skit had a simple message: everything in the Rainforest is connected; when one part is interrupted, it all is.

Students also learned fun facts, such as the Amazon is home to natural remedies, people can work together to make the most of resources and the Rainforest is worth protecting.

One fifth grade teacher said the performance gave students background information for their upcoming academic unit on the Rainforest.