Fairgrieve Elementary Hosts Lunch and Learning

Fairgrieve Elementary parents enjoyed lunch with their students recently at “Lunch and Learning,” where school home liaison Ariana Suhr and ELA instructional coach Gina Salerno gave tips and resources on how to help students become better readers and writers.

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Fourth grade student Maddison Hartkopf and mother practice expanded vocabulary words at Fairgrieve Elementary “Lunch and Learning.”

One tip for parents is to ask your child to give three details when asking how their day went; this gives them practice for when they need to provide three ideas in their writing samples.

Salerno and Suhr encouraged students to set goals for themselves to become better readers and writers.

They provided each family with a list of words broken into sub-groups to help expand their vocabulary.

The educators also wanted to make clear that they are there as a resource, not only to help the students to succeed, but also to teach parents how to help their child to succeed.

“Your child’s report cards are looking a little different this year,” said Salerno. “I’m hoping this event gave you some insight on what your child is learning in the classroom.”