Fairgrieve Elementary School December Virtue of the Month Awards

Fairgreive Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla honored students for demonstrating empathy, the school’s December virtue of the month.

Fairgrieve Elementary School's December virtue of the month award winners.
Fairgrieve Elementary School’s December virtue of the month award winners.

Empathy is the ability to recognize and share someone else’s feelings and emotions and being sensitive to them. The students were honored during a recent Morning Express program at the school.

The students received a special “Virtue of the Month” pin to wear for the day and keep as a token of appreciation from the school.

Pictured, left to right in front: Megan Gates, Hailey Jenkins, Hailey Bryan, Olivia Frataccia, Skylar Crofoot, Josalynn Taylor; middle row: Olivia Bush, Carolyn LaPierre, Molly Williams, Kendra Gardner, Kaylee Brown, Alexzander Taylor and Ivy Szlamczynski; back row: Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla, Christopher Cross, Alexis Lighthall, Kelly Swatkowski, and Robert Peck. Missing from photo are: Laurissa Bruska-Ostrander, Sabrina Hanmore, Anthony Epolito and Christian Fenske.