Fairgrieve Elementary students selected for Expectation Awards

Students selected as representing the behavioral expectation of problem solver are pictured, front row, left to right: Ashlyn Bonnell, Matthew Yawn, Ryan Carroll, Zoey Kerr, Brandon Howard, Elizabet Veiga, Gianna Tucker, Monae Fenty, Mya Carroll, and Natalie Guile. Middle row: Jase Crawford, Leandra Davis, Christabella Bennett, Charles Stoutenger, Lexi Patterson, Kaden Reynnells, MaKenzie Miner, Nicholas Dunning, and Zachary Howard. Back row: Principal Jean Ciesla, Haley Bort, Nariah Holden, Keara Patterson, Lindsey McCraith, Regina Jordal, Autumn Beechner, and Kyle Hotaling.

Fairgrieve Elementary School recently recognized students for their exemplary demonstration of the school’s behavioral expectations.

The recognition occurred during the school’s Morning Express program.

The district-wide expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be a Problem Solver.

Students were chosen for the awards by their classroom teachers and were presented with certificates by Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla.

The following students were selected as representing the behavioral expectation Be Safe: Zoey Tryon, Jayliana Padua, Taylor Hull, AKeyllo Jones, Emily Barrett, Hunter Aldasch, Lilly Cunningham, Karsen Conn, Vera Butchko, Cassidy Duso, Kadin Berner, Adian Collins-Wheeler, Annyka Halligan, Jessica Herlowski, Jonah Alot, Michael Morrison, Shyanne Miller, Jarred Willis, Caleb Trepasso, Chelsea Barker, Evan Aldasch, Jayden Conn, and Nate Lindsey.