Fairgrieve Offers Glee Club Performance, Award Recognition

Fairgrieve Elementary students, staff members and special guests were treated to the Fourth Grade Glee Club’s second-to-last performance of the 2018-2019 school year during the school’s most recent Morning Express program.

The sweet sounds and popular dance moves, such as “The Floss” were a hit for the crowd as the Glee Club members performed a song most students recognized from the movie, “Inside Out.” Glee Club director and music teacher Hope Lawton said students overseeing their own voices is one of the best forms of self-control.

Following the performance, Principal Jean Sampsell awarded over 20 students with “brag tags” because they exhibited self-control in their classroom throughout the month of April.

Fairgreive Elementary School students proudly show off their “brag tags” from Principal Jean Sampsell, top right, after they were honored for exhibiting self-control in their classroom throughout the month of April.

Students who may have faced difficult situations, but controlled their emotions, desires or expressions were recognized during the school assembly.

Honorees in the front row, from left, include: Logan Custer, Carter Anderson, Scarlet LaVere, Evan Philbin, Brooklyn Kipp, Reese Tussey and Evan Mears. In the second row, from left, are: Nathaniel Halligan, Ruthie Niver, Natalie David, Rylee Slocum, Patrick Brooks, Darren Rockwell and Olivia Rivera. In back, from left, are: Katharine Demars, Olivia Nesbitt, Myleigh Hayward, Ayden Spaulding, Alyssa Hatter, Akeylla Jane and Principal Sampsell. Absent from the photo are Kace Brais, Caitlyn Guevara and Kenadie Shatraw.