Fairgrieve Principal Award Recipients

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The following students received the 2007-2008 Fairgrieve Principal Award.

This award honors students who have shown exemplary behavior throughout the school year.

Fairgrieve Principals Award

Pictured from left to right, front row: Morgan French, Haley Bort, Sam Cary, Andru Walts, Ronde Wood, Julia Apicelli, Nicholas Cary, Jersey Hutchins, and Keara Patterson. 2nd Row: Haley Chesbro, Evan Beckwith, Noah Simon, Patty Pryor, Emma Bondy Divine, Kira Hartnett, Eliza Runeare, Michael Bolster, and Gina Babcock. 3rd Row: Lorcan Murphy, Shania Phillips, Makenna Cealie, Emily Gould, Rebecca Riehle, Samantha Riehle, Scott Hughes, and Tessa Livoti. Also pictured in back is Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla.