Fairgrieve Principal Sampsell Awards Role Model Students

Fairgrieve Elementary School students who have become amazing role models to their peers throughout the second marking period were honored by Principal Jean Sampsell with Principal’s Award medals.

Principal’s Award honorees from Fairgrieve Elementary School beam with pride upon receiving medals from Principal Jean Sampsell, top right.

Distributed during a Morning Express program, the medals signified how the students have excelled throughout the second quarter.

Principal Sampsell commended each honoree for their contributions to improving their classroom community.

Principal’s Award honorees in the front row, from left, are: Carter Bogan, Avery Tice, Tristan DeMunn, Ian Weaver, Noella Mann, Kyler Vail and Shelby Miller.

In the second row, from left, are: April Marie Carter, Charleigh Shaffer, Jersey Ryder, MacKenzie Orton, Hailey Niver, Max Harrington and Dominic Rellos.

In the third row, from left, are: Kegan Merkley, Skylar Litchison, Daniel Douglas, Marissa Smith, Ayden Spaulding and Matthew Beebe.

In the fourth row, from left, are: Olivia Skilinskis, Mya Carroll, Braelyn Horning, Gabriel Taylor, Matthias Searor and Principal Sampsell.