Fairgrieve’s Empathy Behavioral Expectation Recipients

Each month, Fairgrieve Elementary School recognizes students for their exemplary demonstration of the Fulton City School District’s monthly behavioral expectations.

The recognition occurred during the Fairgrieve’s Morning Express program.

The monthly behavioral expectation for December was empathy.

The following students were presented with certificates by Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla: kindergarten students Jaelyn Jimenez, Nicholas David, Matthew Clark, and Danielle Gober; first grade students Alexa Halstead, Carleigh Patterson, Ciara Price, and Bella Hewitt; second grade students Alexis Durval, Kayla McCraith, Ethan Weaver, and Tyler Wilson; third grade students Rosiline Knoblock, Gino Noel, and Aidehn Welling; fourth grade students Bailey Welling, Javen Kelly, and Emily Sohoski; fifth grade students Gavin Brown, Seth Bourlier, Alexis Redman, and Jessica Allen; and sixth grade students Bella Seymour, Casey Belen, Michael Hartmann, and Brendan Todt.