Fairley Elementary Celebrates Veterans’ Day

Fairley Elementary School has had programs to honor and celebrate Veterans’ Day. Our programs consisted of skits and patriotic songs, but we always wondered if the students really were able to make the connections of the words and songs to the purpose and meaning of the day.

In trying to make those connections for our students, we added a personal piece to our program. For the past few years, we have invited any relative of our students who are veterans or currently serving in the armed forces to be our special guests for our Veterans’ Day program. The attendance of veterans and service men and women has grown each year.

Our guests are seated front and center in our gym next to their relative that is a student. We have had students who have a stand in for their mom, dad, aunt or uncle who is currently serving and stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan or Korea. Some of our guests come dressed in their military uniforms and some do not.

In addition to singing patriotic songs and talking about the meaning and significance of Veterans’ Day, we introduce our students and their guests. The branch of service the veteran served in is also identified.

It is our intention that having our students see Veterans who are related to kids they know will help them make the connections and appreciate the sacrifice that service men and women have made and continue to make today.