Fairley Students Learn Safety Lessons

Personal safety was in focus during a recent assembly at Fairley Elementary School, as a students learned tips to remain safe in a variety of situations.

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Clicky, the Internet safety “spokesrobot,” greets Fairley Elementary School students during a recent safety presentation.

Debra Ortiz-Pardi, community educator for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, offered advice to help the students make good decisions when it comes to personal safety.

She stressed the importance of the buddy system, checking with adults before going somewhere and notifying a trusted adult if they are uncomfortable in a particular situation.

“In order to be your best you, you have to be safe,” Ortiz-Pardi said.

In addition to general safety tips, Ortiz-Pardi also focused on remaining protected online.

Clicky, an Internet safety “spokesrobot,” was on hand to reinforce online safety strategies.

Students applauded as the mascot strutted around the gymnasium and encouraged Internet security practices.