Fairley Third Graders Journey Across the World for Cultural Fair

A geography lesson recently took third-graders and their families on a virtual trip across the world during Fairley Elementary School’s annual cultural fair.

Third graders from Jodi Kraeger’s classroom sport their Brazil T-shirts as they prepare to showcase their work during the annual cultural fair.

Students in each third grade class read books, wrote research papers and created dioramas to demonstrate their knowledge of their country of interest.

That knowledge was on full display when they invited family members into Fairley for the cultural fair to showcase what they learned.

Families toured the third-grade wing, adorned in decorations from each country of study. They took a stroll through castles in Ireland and the rainforest in Brazil before heading to China, Spain and Australia to learn about customs and traditions in each country.

Teacher Jodi Kraeger said the annual event provides students with an intensive learning opportunity. The ELA component, along with the social studies aspect and the presentation piece create a well-rounded overall lesson for all participants.

“They really took ownership of their learning,” Kraeger said. “They read the Magic Tree House books about Brazil and were able to really research the country and showcase that learning in the different projects they made.”