Family And Books (FAB) a Success with Both Children and Parents

It’s not too late to join the fun and learning at Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County’s (LVOC) family literacy program, Family and Books (FAB).

LVOC has partnered with Oswego County Opportunities Head Start centers in Fort Ontario and Pinewood, and Pulaski Early Learning Center, to offer pre-school children and parents an opportunity to explore the treasures of reading. Meetings are held once a week from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., and will continue through August 13th. Meeting locations are as follows:

* Fulton (Tuesdays) – Pinewood Head Start Center
* Oswego (Wednesdays) – Head Start Center Fort Ontario
* Pulaski (Thursdays) – Pulaski Day Care Center

FAB uses books as a tool to encourage reading in the home as an activity to be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. It is important to help parents develop skills and strategies that prepare their children to be successful in school. Additionally, families can create a rich and diverse home library by obtaining FREE books just by participating in this fun, interactive program.

“We are very excited about the success of this program,” said Jane Murphy, Executive Director of LVOC. “By teaching parents about the importance of reading to their children, the children are given the opportunity to develop a love of learning early on, and their parents become their first teacher.”

Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County’s mission is to improve literacy skills throughout Oswego County by providing free, confidential tutoring to adults wishing to develop the English communication and literacy skills they need to reach their full potential as individuals, parents, workers and citizens.

Preschoolers through first graders and their families are welcome to join FAB. Play an active role in your child’s education by becoming their most important teacher! For information about our program or to register for any of the locations, call the LVOC office at 342-8839.

LVOC is an agency of the United Way of Greater Oswego County.