Family Desperately Seeking Youngest Brother Lost Through Adoption

FULTON, NY – Ten sibling altogether, yet only nine of them have found each other.

The oldest of 10 siblings, Elyzabeth Hernandez has been desperately searching for her youngest sibling, now 16 years old, whose last known location was in Fulton, NY.

She reached out to Oswego County Today for assistance.

“My brother got a letter from him years ago, I think it was 2006 and the return address was a house in Fulton, but that was the last and only time we heard from him,” Hernandez explained.

Now, the house has been sold and letters addressed to the residence in hopes of being forwarded to her brother have been sent to no avail.

Hernandez was the first born of 10 children, all of whom eventually were adopted.

They went with relatives and were separated, spread out from New Jersey, to North Carolina, to Florida.

All except for her youngest brother, who was adopted by a nurse at the Jersey City Medical Center where he was born 16 years ago.

But ever since she was old enough, Hernandez has been finding her family piece by piece.

Six years ago, by using social media, she was able to locate all four of her sisters in Florida followed by an emotional reunion.

This year, she met her brother in North Carolina for the first time ever.

“It was emotional, it was hard,” she said through tears. “I didn’t get to grow up with them, I lost that time I should have had to bond with my siblings. We have to get to know each other now, as adults.”

Now, they’re all happily reunited, except for their final missing piece.

Miguel Angel-Garcia (though he may now be under a different adopted name, Christopher Smith) was born to Vivian Milagros Garcia in Jersey City Medical Center without an exact known birth date 16 years ago.

Adopted by a nurse and known to have lived in Fulton at one point in time, are the only remaining facts that Hernandez has regarding her brother’s adoption but she is willing to do anything to locate her youngest brother and finally complete her family.

“All I want is to find him, nothing else matters at this point,” she pleaded.

Though her mother passed away roughly 12 years ago, Hernandez said she knows her mother would want them all together.

“It’s very important to all of us, our mother would want us together. We do a lot of family activities now and we’re all together, the nine of us. It would be nice to have our missing piece here with us, to be complete,” she said.

Although all other search efforts have failed thus far, Hernandez will continue putting all her energy and faith into finding her youngest brother and ending her search and heartache.

“Basically, my family and I are so anxious and desperate to find him, to be a part of his life,” she said. “He’s already 16, we’ve missed so much. We want to be with him as he grows and becomes an adult.”

Full of emotion, she said there’s one thing she wants her brother to know today – “His family loves him so much. We care for him and think about him. He is always in our hearts.”

If anyone has any information, please use our comments section to help reunite this family.


  1. Just wanted to point out that there is also a Fultonville, NY. A few years ago, we were approached by someone wanting to get there, but he thought he was was looking for Fulton – only a search of the old fashioned white pages helped him figure out he needed Fultonville. Best of luck to them in their search.

  2. Do we know the adoption MOM”S name? or the ADDRESS of where he once lived in Fulton? Either one of these would help to “search” deeper.

  3. I was not given the adopted mom’s name, I don’t believe the family was ever given that information. Also did not receive the exact address of his former residence, but we do know it has since been sold.

  4. Last known address is 200 calkins rd fulton ny,
    We believe adoptive mothers name is Kristen smith. She was at the time of adoption a RN or LPN that is all the information we have.

  5. This is the 4th oldest brother (responding). Out of the 5 brothers In the family.

    200 calkins rd Fulton new york.

    Her name is kristen Smith.

    She is considered a LPN.
    I believe she worked in jersey city medical center!!!!

  6. As I recall this was a closed adoption. Chris is my minor 16 year old child and has your contactinformation, I have spoken to him and is he is not ready to respond. Chris is well aware of his half brothers and sisters. Please don’t push, Chris will open the door when he is ready.

  7. This is the 2nd oldest sister it’s ok Aaron he will soon be 18 We will soon meet n I can’t wait.

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