Family Video Reps To Discuss Plans For Fulton Store

FULTON, NY – Family Video Store is moving forward with its plans to build a video outlet store at the corners of West First and Broadway. This week, the company will unveil its plans to the public.

Last week, the company received a green light on a zone change request that was necessary for its business plan at the site of the former Congregational Church.

Todd Bezenah, Family Video’s regional director for New York state, briefly discussed the company during a subsequent public hearing on the company’s special use permit.

If approved, Family Video Store will be the first company in Fulton to receive a special use permit since the city’s inception of the process.

Bezenah explained that the company’s motto is to make a little money from a lot of people. By keeping prices low, he said the company has found considerable profits. Some of the features of the video store include free “kid movie” rentals and $2.79 new releases. Most movies, he said, are rented for $1 each or two for $1 for five nights.

Reacting to a suggestion that Family Video display a plaque showing the Congregational Church as a site marker, Bezenah explained that the company routinely takes community input and special requests into consideration as it establishes a new location. At one location, he said, a photograph is displayed of the former business owner to commemorate the company that once stood at that location.

“We will do the same here… factor in what the community wants,” Bezenah said.

Resident David Mankiewicz asked to see the company’s site plan. Mayor Ronald Woodward explained that while the business has gone before the Fulton Planning Commission, the commission held off on the site plan review pending the results of the zone change request. The review, he said, is a lengthy process that would have been wasted if the zone change wasn’t approved.

“They didn’t want to invest that time and have it fall through,” Woodward said. The zone change was approved Tuesday and the company was referred back to the planning commission. Decisions on the special use permit were delayed pending the results of the review.

Second Ward Alderman David Guyer will host an informational meeting regarding the proposed store Wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m. at the G. Ray Bodley High School cafeteria. Representatives from Family Video Store will attend, share diagrams and plans for the proposed Fulton store and collect public input.

Guyer said community residents are invited to attend the informational session, as well as a Second Ward Neighborhood Watch Meeting, which will be held immediately following from 7-8 p.m. For further information, Guyer can be reached at 598-4329.

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