Farfaglia Plan to Cut Fulton Healthcare Costs Validated in Onondaga County

FULTON – Fulton mayoral candidate Dan Farfaglia has a plan to reduce the ever-increasing healthcare costs for the city of Fulton.

Healthcare insurance costs for Fulton’s employees and retirees will take nearly 20% of the city’s 2020 budget.

“The best way to reduce health insurance costs is for the city to partner with other local governments like the county and the school district and bargain with insurance companies collectively as a much larger group,” said Farfaglia.

Farfaglia pointed to the $14.7 million savings that Syracuse, Onondaga County and the Syracuse school district expect to save by taking this shared group approach to reducing healthcare costs.

The city of Syracuse, Onondaga County and the Syracuse school district submitted a joint request for proposals for a three-year Medicare Advantage insurance plan for retirees.

By buying in bulk, the per-person cost for the plan was cut in half.

“This is exactly what I was talking about at last week’s debate – a shared group approach. A substantial part of Fulton’s healthcare costs is for city retirees. By partnering with the county, school district and other local governments in the county to negotiate with insurance companies, we too can get a better deal just like they did in Onondaga County,” said Farfaglia.

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  1. Not a new idea, was brought up last year when all school districts, towns, villages and both city got together to find ways to save money. Health insurance is tied to many union contracts.

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