FCSD Board of Education President visits Fairgrieve’s Morning Express

David Cordone, left, Fulton City School District Board of Education President was a recent visitor to Fairgrieve’s Morning Express program.

FCSD Board of Education President visits Fairgrieve
FCSD Board of Education President David Cordone, left, and Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla.

Cordone, himself a former student at the school, talked to the students about the functions and responsibilities board of education members have in representing the citizens in their district.

The board makes decisions about how money is spent, makes decisions on district policies, on who gets hired, and more, all with the focus on what is best for students.

“You are at the center of every decision,” he told the students.

Cordone also spoke about the importance of good character: at school, in the community, and on the board of education.

“Character traits of respect, responsibility, safety, and being a problem solver are important for the rest of your lives in everything you do,” he explained.