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September 21, 2018

FCSD Reorganization Meeting Brings New Faces, Slight Change

FULTON, NY – Brian Pulvino has officially participated in the first board of education meeting as acting Superintendent of Schools for the Fulton City School District since his position began July 1.

Serving the district for the first time as new members, Paula Hayden and Lynn Lyons accompanied Pulvino as new faces on the board.

Brian Pulvino led the first Board of Education meeting as Superintendent of Schools at the annual reorganization meeting.

Brian Pulvino (right) participated in the first Board of Education meeting as Superintendent of Schools at the annual reorganization meeting.

In contrast, many things remained the same after the board’s annual reorganization meeting.

All new and returning board members including Paula Hayden, Lynn Lyons, David Cordone, Dan Pawlewicz, Barbara Hubbard and Tim Crandell took the oath of office and signed the code of ethics, with the exception of absent board member, Robert Briggs.

Current board of education president, David Cordone was reelected by  his fellow board members as board president, along with the reelection of Dan Pawlewicz as vice president of the board, and Barbara Hubbard reelected as clerk.

The board went on to appoint officers of district treasurer, deputy district treasurer, tax collector, claims auditor, and deputy claims auditor as well as several other individual appointments throughout the district and the committees on special education and pre-school special education.

The district appointed its law firm and declared Community Bank, Chase Bank and Key Bank as financial institutions the district may make deposits to throughout the school year.

The Valley News was selected as the official school newspaper as likewise in years past. However, an amendment to the resolution added Oswego County Today as an additional official newspaper for the district based on recommendation by board members.

The board went on to unanimously approve the rates for public use of school facilities, gate receipts and admissions, and approved the 2016-2017 school year board meeting dates with the recommendation to continue to move one meeting a month throughout the district’s school buildings based on a close but majority vote as given on the election ballets.

Finally, board members unanimously approved the district’s 2016-2017 district professional development plan, the district code of conduct, and reaffirmed all of the BOE policies and procedures in effect before moving into the executive session and the regular meeting.

Check back with Oswego County Today for more information from the meeting.

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