FEMA To Conduct Coastal Studies

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Tom Gillen has announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is preparing new coastal studies and risk analysis for Oswego County.

The engineering firm Risk Assessment Mapping and Planning Partners (RAMPP) will be performing land use reconnaissance surveys for these new coastal studies.

These studies are for the entire shoreline along Lake Ontario within Oswego County.

Information such as types of vegetation, presence of structures, and shoreline or beach conditions will be collected, as well as photographs.

Mayor Gillen further stated that the engineers will make every effort to stay on public land and right-of-ways; however, it may be necessary for them to enter upon privately-owned property for short periods of time to gather survey information.

Every attempt will be made to contact the property owners in advance in order to seek permission.

Field crews will be in and around the shoreline area from June 22 – 26, 2015, and they will respect the homeowner’s property and will not interfere with their use of it.

Mayor Gillen said that if anyone has questions or concerns, they are directed to contact the FEMA Region II, Regional Project Officer Alan Springett at 212-680-8557, or the RAMPP Task Order Manager Jeff Gangai at 703-849-0251.