*** Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex Press ***

Holland, NY – Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. of Eden, NY survived a mid-race restart challenge from Kevin Miller to notch the victory in the 40 lap main for the NASCAR Pro Modifieds at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex on Saturday evening.

In other Holland action, T.J. Johnson of South Wales, NY lasted through a rugged 35 laps to capture the victory in the Late Models of Tomorrow feature race, Dave Krawczyk of West Seneca, NY took win number three of the year in the 30 lap Bank of Holland Charger go, Eric Brown of Holland scored his second victory of the year in the 30 lap 4-cylinder Hornet run, and Scott Pastorius of Arcade, NY grabbed his first win of the year in the 12 lap M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car race.

Chuck Anderson and Fred Taylor battled for the lead early in the NASCAR Pro Modified feature race before Anderson was able to settle into the lead. Fiebelkorn was steadily working his way forward from his 10th starting spot, rolling his ZJ’s Family Restaurant/Fiebelkorn Collision mount into second on lap ten, and snagged the lead on a lap 14 restart when Anderson had power steering issues. Fiebelkorn began to open up his lead advantage, as a number of competitors were engaged in a tight battle for second on back. That battle became a little too tight on the 21st circuit, when Taylor and Joe Evans made contact while dueling for third, and collected five other cars. The scramble knocked out the cars of Chris Finocchario and Dick Kluth and significantly damaged the Amy Catalano mount.

On the ensuing restart, second place Kevin Miller timed his move perfectly to outgun Fiebelkorn and nab the lead. Fiebelkorn needed a couple of laps to work his way alongside of Miller, and after a couple of rounds of side-by-side racing, Fiebelkorn was able to re-gain the top spot on the 27th go-round. Over the final laps, Fiebelkorn was able to extend his lead to hold about a ten car length margin of victory at the checkers. Miller enjoyed his strongest run of the year with his runner-up finish, while Tim Welshans, Joe Evans, and Fred Taylor rounded out the top five.

T.J. Johnson inherited the top slot in the Late Models of Tomorrow feature when Eldon King III and Dave Whittaker came together while battling for the top slot on the 17th circuit, with Whittaker clobbering the front chute wall. Johnson kept his Trank Real Estate and Insurance Monte Carlo out in front throughout the second half of the event in a caution flag-plagued race filled with bumps and grinds. King came back through the field to place second, while Nick Crassi survived for a third place showing.

A couple of early race incidents worked to Dave Krawczyk’s advantage in the Bank of Holland Charger race, and the driver of the VSP Graphics/Ohio Technical College Monte Carlo was able to pick through the openings to quickly advance from his 16th starting position. Krawczyk motored into second on the twelfth lap, and a circuit later, was able to sneak underneath early leader Rich Carnes for the top slot. Krawczyk opened up a large lead, but that lead disappeared with just two to go when Rob Miszczak had a tire explode on his Olds, scattering rubber debris and forcing a caution. This gave Zach Myers an opportunity to challenge on the restart, but Krawczyk was up to the task, and held on for the victory. Myers had to be content with a strong second place run, while Ted Welshans had another solid outing with a third place finish.

Eric Brown worked his Pontiac Fiero by Ashley Kirchberger on the 14th lap of the 4-cylinder Hornet main, and cleanly negotiated the heavy lapped traffic to hold a ½ straightaway lead advantage at the checkers of the caution-free race. George Quintana broke free of the pack late in the race to claim second, while Ashley Kirchberger was the third car across the line – unfortunately, Ashley’s car did not pass the post-race tech inspection, so Jason Adams was awarded third in the final run-down, with fourth place Sylvia  Miszczak getting the Queen Bee victory as the first female across the line.

Jason Adams looked as if he had the field covered in the M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car main, when his race came to a sudden end on lap seven when his right front suspension collapsed. This put Scott Pastorius at the point, and Pastorius kept his Hughes racing Honda ahead of a challenging Joe Merlino for the win. Eric Brown made a final turn pass on Merlino to claim second.

News and Notes – Sean Dolan and Dave Catalano made their 2010 Late Models of Tomorrow debuts – both were involved in some of the skirmishes which dotted the race, but Dolan survived for a good fourth place effort, while Catalano had some post-race tech inspection issues with his 20 year old chassis … the annual Bank of Holland Gold Rush took place prior to the start of the racing program – the penny hunt in the infield grass for the young race fans has been a popular fixture on the schedule for over 35 seasons.

Action will resume at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex on Saturday, July 17th, as Holland’s third round of the Holland-Spencer Challenge Series for the NASCAR Pro Modifieds (postponed from the rained-out June 26th date) will highlight the program. The Casey’s TQ Midget Series will return for another visit, with the Late Models of Tomorrow, Bank of Holland Chargers, 4-cylinder hornets, and the M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Cars rounding out the card. Pit gates will open at 4:45, grandstand gates at 5:15, and racing will get underway at 7:15. For more information, call the Holland office at (716)-537-2272 or visit the web site at

NASCAR PRO MODIFIEDS – 40 laps: 1. (started 10th) MIKE FIEBELKORN, JR., 2. (7) Kevin Miller, 3. (4) Tim Welshans, 4. (5) Joe Evans, 5. (1) Fred Taylor, 6. (8) Amy Catalano, 7. (9) Don King, 8. (6) Jeff Ruddy, 9. (2) Chuck Anderson, 10. (11) Chris Finocchario, 11. (3) Dick Kluth.

LATE MODELS of Tomorrow – 35 laps: 1. (started 5th) T.J. JOHNSON, 2. (2) Eldon King III, 3. (3) Nick Crassi, 4. (11) Sean Dolan, 5. (8) Josh Hathaway, 6. (1) Mike Ticco, 7. (7) Brandon Glover, 8. (4) Dave
Whittaker, 9. (9) Jason Gwin, 10. (6) J.D. Roberts. DQ: Dave Catalano (started 10th).

Bank of Holland CHARGERS
– 30 laps: 1. (started 16th) DAVE KRAWCZYK, 2. (10) Zach Myers, 3. (9) Ted Welshans, 4. (7) Jerry Kosmowski, 5. (2) Rich Carnes, 6. (5) Jim Loffredo, 7. (4) Tom Northem, 8. (14) Al Grimmer, 9. (15) John Carlson, 10. (12) Rick Roth, 11. (3) Mark Harsch, 12. (8) Rob Miszczak, 13. (6) Nik Welshans, 14. (13) Matt Hoctor, 15. (1) Tim Northem, 16. (11) Bill Wise.

4-Cylinder HORNETS/QUEEN BEES – 30 laps: 1. (started 10th) ERIC BROWN, 2. (11) George Quintana, 3. (9) Jason Adams, 4. (1st Queen Bee) (8) Sylvia Miszczak, 5. (20) Waylon Price, 6. (5) Jammer Meuckl, 7. (3) Tony Carbone, 8. (6) Eric Marzec, 9. (2nd Queen Bee) (14) Samantha Lutz, 10. (12) Jeff Szafraniec, 11. (4) Dave Reese, Jr., 12. (15) Bob Marzec, 13. (17) Ben Russo, 14. (16) Joe Mastrocicco III, 15. (3rd Queen Bee) (21) Elaine Pimpo, 16. (13) Butcher Palmer, 17. (1) Dylan Carbone, 18. (22) Eric Williams, 19. (19) Dennis Felton, 20. (23) Roger Lombardo, 21. (24) unknown Driver – car #00, 22. (2) Chris Powers, 23. (18) Joe Merlino. DQ: Ashley Kirchberger (started 7th).

M&M U-Pull-It FIGURE 8 CARS – 12 laps: 1. (started 1st) SCOTT PASTORIUS, 2. (7) Eric Brown, 3. (8) Joe Merlino, 4. (6) Eric Marzec, 5. (5) Joe Mastrocicco III, 6. (3) Dave Reese, Jr., 7. (4) Jason Adams, 8. (2) Butcher Palmer. Did Not Start: Bob Marzec.

Contact – Rick Mooney: [email protected] or Tim Bennett: (716) 537-2272