Fighting For What Matters To You

By Senator Patty Ritchie
As State Senator, it’s my job to represent the interests and opinions of the thousands of constituents who reside in the 48th Senate District.

As I work to improve our region by creating jobs, boosting the economy, supporting our schools, cutting taxes and more, it’s imperative that I learn about what matters to you.

In an effort to do just that, last December I launched my 2015 Legislative Survey.

I’m pleased to report that nearly 4,000 people from our region weighed in; sharing their opinions on everything from education issues to how to spend the state’s $5 billion windfall.

Recently, we tallied up the results and key findings included the following:

79 percent of participants believe a new law should be passed to make the state’s 2 percent tax cap permanent;

90 percent of participants support a law that would “cap” state budget increases to prevent overspending;

89 percent oppose the “DREAM Act,” a legislative proposal which would make illegal immigrants eligible for taxpayer-paid tuition benefits;

71 percent support reform of Common Core;

75 percent believe a full repeal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment, a budget gimmick introduced before I was elected, which has cost school districts across the state upwards of $8 billion since its introduction in 2010, should continue to be a priority in the next State Budget;

74 percent oppose the SAFE Act;

77 percent support reducing taxes on businesses that create good-paying jobs; and

72 percent support increasing funding for “Young Farmers NY” program; an initiative I launched last year to help encourage more young people to pursue careers in farming.

If you participated in my survey, I’d like to extend my thanks.

The results gathered through this effort will help to guide me as I work to represent the interests of the people of Central and Northern New York.

If you didn’t participate, but would like to share your opinion on an issue, I invite you to email me at [email protected] or call my office at (315) 782-3418.

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