Final Day Finds One Congressional Candidate Campaigning With Clinton, The Other Campaigning Against Him

The final day of the political campaign saw the two men fighting to be Oswego County’s next Congressman making last-minute efforts to be seen.

For Democrat Bill Owens, the day began with a little help from a big friend — former President Bill Clinton rallied with Owens in Watertown.

Clinton’s been touring the state, trying to shore up Democrats in close races. He gave enthusiastic backing to Owens.

“This is not rocket science,” he said, when discussing who to vote for. “It’s right and wrong, it’s tomorrow versus yesterday.”

Owens, he said, “voted to stop another crash and he voted to ban future bailouts. And the people you’re thinking about supporting have promised to repeal the bill so we can have more crashes and bailouts. You don’t want that mess again, you better vote for Bill Owens.”

Republican Matt Doheny, who holds a tiny lead in the most recent polls, scoffed at Clinton’s appearance as he held a final-day rally at his Fulton headquarters.

“They’re not gonna send the former leader of the free world unless things are not going well for their candidate,” Doheny said in an interview, later calling him “Slick Willie” during his rally.

He and State Senate candidate Patty Ritchie gathered with local Republican officials at the Oneida St. office and phone bank. Ritchie said the Republicans had “outworked the other side and we’re on the right side of the issues.”

“Here we go,” he told the audience. “Time to go out, win and we’ll have a little bit of fun tomorrow night.”