Fire Department Conducts Drill At City Pool

OSWEGO, NY – In an effort to keep the community safe, the Oswego Fire Department works closely with the lifeguard staff at the public pool located at Fort Ontario.

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The “victim” is removed from the pool.

Every year, each shift from the fire department tours the facility, interacts with the lifeguards, and gets acclimated to the surroundings should they need to respond to an emergency there.

The Oswego Fire Department coordinated a drill last week at the pool that simulated a child injured from diving in shallow water.

Deputy Chief and Director of EMS Education David Engle conducted the drill and worked with the lifeguards throughout the scenario.

Lifeguards secured the victim to a backboard, then moved to the poolside where CPR was administered.

The lifeguards worked with an AED trainer during the process as well.

DC Engle said, “The lifeguard staff at the fort pool did a great job during the drill, and are ready to respond when called upon in an emergency.”

Members of the lifeguard staff perform CPR
Members of the lifeguard staff perform CPR

The city of Oswego has recently installed AEDs at the Fort Pool, Fort Ice Rink, and the Cullinan Ice Rink.

These units are easy to use and designed for non-rescue personnel to use without and special training.

The units use voice prompts and direct the rescuer exactly what to do.

These units are maintained by Oswego Fire Department personnel.

The Oswego Fire Department teaches EMS education classes on a regular basis to individuals and / or groups.

For more information, please call the Oswego Fire Department headquarters at (315) 343-2161.