Fire Department Reminds Everyone Of Life Jacket Loaner Program

OSWEGO – The Oswego Fire Department would like to remind everyone of the Loaner For Life Program.

Life jackets are available at Wright’s Landing Marina for those in need who are boating from the marina.

Life jackets are also available at the Oswego Fire Department’s Eastside Fire Station.

“The expansion of this program to our headquarters at 35 E. Cayuga St. has already proven to be successful with several families being loaned life jackets. People have come in that were having pool parties or were going to the lakeshore to enjoy the warmer than normal weather but were worried about little ones who would be near the water, and the loaner for life program was able to accommodate them to lead to an enjoyable and safe summertime event. We again remind everyone in need of a loaner life jacket to contact the eastside fire station at 343-2161,” said Fire Chief Jeffrey McCrobie.