Fire Hydrants Up For ‘Adoption’ In Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – The city of Oswego Fire Department has begun a new program called ‘adopt a hydrant.’

“With more than 900 hydrants in the city limits, we have begun this campaign to help keep these hydrants as operational and identifiable as possible. We are inviting local residents and business owners who have a fire hydrant on their property or in their neighborhood to pay a little extra attention to that important firefighting tool,” said Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie.

Many residents already give care and attention to the hydrants in their area by removing snow and tall grass from around them and that is most appreciated by the department, he added.

“However, some residents, for whatever reason, do not and some may even pile snow at or around them. We’re just asking people if possible to join in this program. We aren’t asking those who do not have the means or time to do this, but those willing and able to support us in this endeavor,” the chief explained.

In addition to the aforementioned snow and weeds, sometimes vandals do harm to hydrant markers and in some cases, hydrants leak water, he pointed out.

By neighbors watching for these problems, it will make for a more efficient hydrant infrastructure, he said.

Anyone who has a hydrant in their area and would like to ‘adopt’ it, is asked to please call the Oswego Fire Department at 343-2161.


  1. Here’s a thought: Oswego can reduce my exorbitant water and sewer TAXES and I will keep my local fire hydrant clear of all snow and weeds. I may even paint it when it needs it! Just a thought.

  2. Here’s a thought, you won’t have to pay for firefighters’ overtime shoveling out the hydrants… that will help your taxes….

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