Fire Safety Education at Sandy Creek Elementary School

Members of the Lacona Fire Department recently spent a morning at Sandy Creek Elementary School teaching students about fire safety and prevention.

Assistant Chief Frank Manchester and firefighters Mike Cooper, Shawn Fuller, Pete Jones and Jason Vickery greeted elementary students during the school’s morning program and then stayed to spend some additional time speaking to first grade classes.

Sandy Creek Elementary School first grade student Ava Basler smiles as Lacona Volunteer Firefighter Pete Jones helps her down out of the fire truck. Members of the Lacona Fire Department stopped by Sandy Creek Elementary School recently to talk to students about fire safety and prevention.

During morning program the special guests spoke to students about the importance of smoke detectors and encouraged the students to remind their parents to test and change the batteries in their home smoke detectors regularly.

Manchester then asked students to think about the actions that they would take if their home was on fire and/or if their clothes were on fire. He urged students to discuss with their family members, if they have not already done so, a planned escape route as well as a designated meeting space outside of the home where the family can safely gather and then called on a student volunteer to demonstrate the “stop, drop, and roll” technique to extinguish a fire.

A member of the Lacona Fire Department crawls on the floor during a fire safety and prevention assembly at Sandy Creek Elementary School. The demonstration showed students that they do not need to be afraid of a firefighter, even though they might look and sound scary when they wear their full turnout gear.

The special guests expanded on many of these points when they spoke specifically to the first grade classes and the young students watched as three of the firefighters dressed in full turnout gear right before their eyes.

The three firefighters crawled on the floor, around and between the rows of students while Manchester described how each piece of equipment helps protect them from intense heat and smoke. He encouraged the students to see and touch the firefighters as they crawled past as well as listen to how their voice sounds through the mask to help lessen any fears that they might have of firefighters.

The demonstration concluded with a trip outside to see the fire and rescue truck that the guests brought with them.

The firefighters showed the students some of the equipment that they use for fire calls, rescue calls, car accidents and other emergency situations that they respond to and gave students an opportunity to see and sit where a firefighter sits when he/she is riding in the fire truck.

Alex Caufield, a first grade student at Sandy Creek Elementary School, wears a firefighter’s helmet to signify he is a junior member of the Lacona Fire Department. Members of the local fire department were invited to the school to teach students about fire safety and prevention. The firefighters spoke during the school’s morning program and then gave a special presentation to first graders that included an opportunity to sit in the department’s tanker truck. Each first grader was given a care package that included fire safety tips, stickers, pencils and a junior firefighter’s helmet.