Firefighters To Hold Public Rally Thursday

Submitted by OFD
Oswego – The Oswego Firefighters Association will host a public rally outside City Hall, 13 W. Oneida St., on Thursday, August 11, at 5 p.m.

Local lawmakers will be attending a workshop inside City Hall at this time, looking at ways to make the appropriate changes to the proposed budget.

The public is encouraged to attend this rally to show support for the firefighters that support the residents and visitors of our great city.

Our firefighters will be on hand Thursday, including the 16 that are in jeopardy of losing their jobs.

Please join your Oswego Firefighters on Thursday at City Hall.

We will be able to answer questions on how these proposed cuts will impact the safety of the community.

Ultimately, in working with our local lawmakers, we are hoping to avoid these layoffs by arming them with the appropriate facts and figures, proving that cutting into daily staffing is inappropriate, unsafe, and unnecessary.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!


  1. There should be a taxpayer rally congratulating this Mayor for finally looking out for the taxpayer. It’s about time cuts were made.

    Since most of these firemen live outside city limits, maybe they could explain the safety provided by a 10 man paid department versus the volunteer departments in the towns they live in.

  2. if your so concerned about the 16 men you might lose why are you grocery shopping driving a fire truck when you have an SUV a plow truck but yet your out driving a full size fire truck how about when you were out flushing hydrates and you were running around in fire trucks you guys just don’t get were out here we see it all the time and what about the home owner if we cant pay the bills we have to make cuts to be able to live so should the fire dept and the city Oswego

  3. you cannot be serious. Support further needless spending, rampant misappropriation of our – taxed to an inch of our lives -population? Where was the rally to fight massive increases in water/sewer costs? School budget cuts? How about the extravagant foolishness of our diminished, decaying downtown being able to offer wifi? Wifi? Wake up Mr. Mayor! We have school children going without food! Wifi? We have senior citizens who are going without so they can pay the immense water costs! Where is the rally for tax reduction? The average Oswegonian is suffering, we can do just fine with a reduced fire department staffing, as published studies have shown cities larger than Oswego have more than 16 less. Its time to make cuts!

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