Firefighters’ Union Reacts To Proposed Cuts

To The Editor:
On Aug. 8, Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow released the city of Oswego 2017 proposed operating budget. While the proposed city budget contains several small cuts to other departments, 16 Oswego Firefighters will be laid off as of January 1, 2017.

These cuts represent a 27% loss in available staffing on a daily basis, which will dramatically impair our ability to protect the public.

Operationally, this will mean significantly fewer firefighters available to perform all of the jobs required on an emergency scene.

Cuts this severe will make it impossible for us to continue to provide the same services you have come to expect from YOUR Fire Department.

The three firefighters who were involved in rescuing a local family from a burning house last Sunday morning will be among those losing their jobs.

Those positions will not be there to help the next family.

We implore the administration to examine how these cuts will impact public safety.

We ask concerned citizens to contact their council members and the mayor to give serious consideration to restoring these positions.

Oswego Firefighters’ Association


  1. But didn’t he say he would hire part time firemen to off set the loss of personnel? Effectively to make coverage and significantly reduce payroll.Its steps like this the city needs to take instead of bleeding the tax payers dry.

  2. personally i think the mayor has his fundamentals all wrong ist he the same person who is trying to get all kinds of money from the council to have all businesses in the downtown area have full wifi ? that makes no sense at all to me every other year i read in the paper that oswego wants to cut this from the fire service and not allow oswegos firefighters to do that, part time and mutual aid from neighboring departments dont cut it at the initial attack they need a well staffed well trained unit to start it off when fighting a fire where lives are at steak no i dont think the firefighters union nor the city of oswegos citizens should put up with these tactics.Its ok for everyone to band together to keep 600 high paying jobs at a nuclear plant, lets see if these same people will stand up for the firefighters emercency responders and fight just as hard for this cause you’ll all see whats more important fot the city wifi, high paying jobs or raising taxes and cutting firefighters jobs.That is a challenge all oswego residents need to take up.

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