Fishing and Winter Trail Reports for December 11, 2009

This report a courtesy of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

The following notice has been posted for Lake Ontario waters:
Remember the area around the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Facility is off limits to boating. The restricted area stretches 1,000 yards offshore and extends from the Alcan plant to the Sunset Bay area along Lake Ontario, east of the city of Oswego.

Oswego River/Lake Ontario report:
Oswego River report:
According to Larry Muroski of Larry’s Oswego Salmon Shop:
Wintry conditions are hitting the area with cold temperatures, high winds and some lake effect snow in the forecast for later today. The water flow remains high running at 9,190cfs. As conditions settle down, look for steelhead and browns throughout the river. Baits remain the same – trout beads, nightcrawlers, wax worms, Glo-bug yarn, egg sacs, pink worms, and fathead minnows.

Salmon River/Pulaski Area report:
According to Whitaker’s Sport Shop & Motel:
On Thursday we had a high wind advisory and lake effect snow warning for our area. During the day on Thursday the lake effect snow band stayed to the north of us, so we didn’t get much at the shop, but high winds were an issue. However,the heavy band of lake effect snow is expected to move down over our area during the day on Friday and into Saturday. If you were planning on coming up for the weekend, please check the weather and call ahead before making the long drive.

According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:
We did finally get some good water flow. However the wind and snow is relentless. We are still seeing 20-30 mph wind with gusts over 40MPH! Predictions are for anywhere from 20 to 40 inches of snow in the forecast for the next two days. The fishing should be very good when this weather system stabilizes because the water and strong winds should get fish moving.

Oneida Lake report:
Conditions for fishing the last couple of days have not been good. Although this area has not received significant snow (as yet), cold temperatures and high winds have been a factor. Later today the lake effect snow from up north is expected to drop down over this part of the county. With winter setting in, open water fishing is likely over on Oneida Lake. The nighttime walleye bite should continue as the weather improves.

Sandy Pond report:
There is not much activity on the pond at this time.

Winter Trail Reports:
Cross Country Ski Trails:
According to Hugh Quinn of the Osceola Tug Hill Ski Club:
Well, the ski season has arrived and so has the snow. The trails currently have good coverage with many more inches of additional snow expected from this storm. The winds are expected to subside by tomorrow and conditions for skiing as well as driving should be better as we go into the weekend.

According to the Winona Forest Recreation Association:
With the high winds we have had, there are trees and branches down all over. We hope to have the main trails cleaned up by Sunday but can not be certain. Secondary trails may be trouble until the end of next week. It would be best to stay home as conditions are not safe at this time. If you are on the trails, please exercise extreme caution. Hessle Road has been closed by DEC from Bargy to Wart for at least 2 weeks & probably longer for bridge reconstruction.

Snowmobile Trails:
According to the Mexico Trail Riders:
Our trails will not open until December 27th after the southern tier hunting season.

According to the Pulaski/Boylston Snowmobile Club:
The trails East of I-81 are open if this storm brings sufficient snow.  C-5A running from Sandy Creek to Pulaski West of I-81 will not open until December 14th due to an extended muzzle loading season in area 6g. S-52 from where it branches off C-5A South of Pulaski to Selkirk State Park and where Mexico’s trails intersect with ours will be opened on December 23 after the end of the Southern Zone Deer season.

According to the Winona Forest Recreation Association:
Due to the high winds we have had, the trails have trees and branches down all over the place. For anyone snowmobiling (staying at home is suggested), exercise extreme caution as conditions are not safe in many areas.

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