Fishing and Winter Trail Reports for January 26, 2010

This report a courtesy of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

The following notice has been posted for Lake Ontario waters:
Remember the area around the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Facility is off limits to boating. The restricted area stretches 1,000 yards offshore and extends from the Alcan plant to the Sunset Bay area along Lake Ontario, east of the city of Oswego.

Oswego River/Lake Ontario report:

Oswego River report:
With the recent heavy rains we have had, the water level has jumped to over 16,000cfs and may still climb. This will make some areas along the river unfishable. Driftboats and anglers along the river walks will likely find steelhead and brown trout taking troutbeads, nightcrawlers, wax worms, eggs sacs and minnows.

Salmon River/Pulaski Area report:
According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:
The water is running at 1800cfs. With the run off on top of that we are well over 2000cfs. This should clear out most of the ice and bring in some new fish. However this morning the lower end is still pretty colored up. It may take the rest of today for it to stabilize.

According to Capt. Troy Creasy of High Adventure Sportfishing Charters:
Have you asked for water? You better watch what you ask for or you just might get it. Everything is blown out or on its way out. They held back the flow in the Salmon River all weekend even though they knew this weather was coming. They are saying 1800cfs, but I am sure it will go higher. We will have to see. It will take a few days for this to calm down.  Please be careful along the streams and pay attention to where you are going and what may be coming at you from upstream.

Oneida Lake report:
The ice thickness is varying greatly around the lake. With all of the rain we have had, the water load on the ice can be tremendous.  We need some cold temperatures to freeze things up again. Please use extreme caution and check the ice thickness frequently if you venture out.

Sandy Pond report:
According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:
The fishing was good on the pond over the weekend.  The perch bite has been good with emerald shiners and fathead minnows; northern pike are taking large shiners and sucker minnows and jigs tipped with spikes are working for panfish. Please use caution as you venture out. With the warmer weather and the heavy rain we had Sunday and Monday, conditions on the ice may have changed in some areas.

Winter Trail Reports:
Cross Country Ski Trails:
According to Dick Drosse of Great Bear Recreation Association:
All of the rain has created wet and slushy trails with increasing bare spots. GB Road, side roads and some trails will be slippery. The north end of Purple/Tow Path and Flow Lands connecting the east mainland section of Purple will be icy/wet under the snow. Access between Whiskey Island and the mainland at the northeast end maybe impassable.

According to Osceola Tug Hill Ski Club:
We did receive an inch of new snow overnight with the colder temperatures coming in. The trails have lost some of the base depth with the warmer temperatures of last week but we still have a good 8-12 inches. Surface conditions are hard packed/variable.

Snowmobile Trails:
The area has experienced warmer temperatures and substantial rainfall in the last week. This has adversely affected much of the snowmobile trail system. Please contact your destination for current conditions. Colder temperatures are returning and some snow is in the forecast. We will update as conditions change.

According to the Pulaski/Boylston Snowmobile Club:
ALL trails are currently closed. We can not reopen any of our trails without first inspecting them for safe passage due to the massive amount of rain and snowmelt experienced. The snow did hold up on the eastern most trails where there was good drainage ditches, but almost everything else is going to have to be rebuilt from scratch. Even the icy base is gone.

According to the Square Valley Snowmobile Club:
Conditions on the trails are poor and deteriorating with the warmer temperatures we are having.

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