Fishing Boat Accident Claims Life

OSWEGO – On October 3, at approximately 11:22 a.m., members of the Oswego City Police Department responded to the area of the Oswego River near the Utica Street Bridge for reports of a man in the river.

Upon arrival, it was determined that there were actually two men in the river that had accidentally fallen out of their boat after their boat struck an underwater object.

Two off-duty Oswego City Police Officers observed the incident and attempted to assist in rescuing the victims with their personal boat.

One of the victims, a 71-year-old, was able to stay above water by holding onto the side of a boat.

The other victim, a 70-year-old, was submerged for several minutes before Oswego Fire Department Marine units were able to pull both victims from the water.

Both victims were transported to Oswego Hospital.

Despite life-saving efforts, one of the victims, the 70-year-old, was pronounced dead by medical staff shortly after arrival.

The other victim was treated and released.

Both victims were from Pennsylvania, visiting Oswego on a fishing trip and both were wearing personal flotation devices at the time of the accident.