Fishing Reports for January 3, 2012

This report courtesy of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

Oswego River report:

According to Larry Muroski of Larry’s Oswego Salmon Shop:

The water flow has been up and down some this week. This morning it is just under 11,000cfs. It was a very cold morning with temperatures near 0 degrees. We are expected to reach the mid 20s this afternoon with a stretch of warmer temperatures as we head into next week. Steelhead, browns and rainbows are active throughout the river. Fishing behind the hotels is suggested as some areas are not accessible. Beads and egg sacs are suggested bait.

Salmon River report:

According to Garrett Brancy of the Douglaston Salmon Run:

Fishing was quite productive on New Year’s Day. The handful of guests we had all got into a reasonable number of fresh chromers. Our fly fishing guests landed steelies on peach and crème colored glo-bugs #12-14. Our spin fishing guests found 10 & 8mm beads to be productive in honey, softy, and retro-roe colors. Yesterday the run went unfished due to the heavy snow showers from early morning creating too much slush. Although we had the coldest temperatures all season last night, temperatures are expected to warm up to daytime highs of 30 degrees through the weekend. The water release will now remain at 750cfs until Saturday night according to the waterline.

Oneida Lake report:

Although we have had some very cold temperatures in the last couple of days, we do not have any reports of safe ice at this time on the lake. We will update this report as new information is received.

Sandy Pond report:

According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:

Ice is beginning to build on Sandy Pond. There were some issues with anglers on early ice the beginning of the week but with the very cold temperatures the last day or so, we are reaching a depth of about 4 inches on some areas of the pond. By Saturday look for 4-6 inches in these areas but as always there will be some sections to be cautious of. Be sure to check the ice as you venture out. Suggested baits are spikes and wax worms for panfish, fathead minnows for perch and shiners for pike.

Winter Trail Report:

Cross-Country Ski Trails:

According to Hugh Quinn of the Osceola Tug Hill Ski Club:

As most of you may have heard we have been getting a lot of snow on the plateau. Our packed base is 12-18 inches and in the woods the snow depths are 18 to 30 inches. Yesterday we received about 12 inches in a little over 2 and 1/2 hours. Everything on both sides are packed today again and snow is predicted tonight again – 3 to 12 inches.


According to Pulaski/Boylston Snowmobile Club:

On the Route 17 side of Tucker Road, be sure to avoid the swamp. Just cross 17 and follow the tracks. Sleds are packing it down well but the swamp is full of water.

According to the Mexico Trail Riders:

We are dangerously close to LOSING a good stretch of trail on S56. People are NOT riding in the MARKED trail between RED SCHOOLHOUSE RD and CLIFFORD RD in PALERMO. (Seeley Brook Farm) It is marked extremely well, with a snow fence even, yet people are not staying on the trail. S52 was groomed from Simplears South to EisHouse then over to NAPA and back north to the Pulaski Line at AtkinsonRd. Lots of snow and they didn’t hit any water till the way back on the Mexico ByPass between MinklerRd and Rte3. There was about a three foot hole about fifteen feet long that they tried to fill. We’ll see if this cold weather helps any. Tucker 2 may head to Parish tonight and Tucker 1 should be heading from Scriba to George Road this evening.

According to the Redfield Snowmobile Association:

All trails have been cleared and groomed, but hanging and falling branches as well as water cuts continue to be a problem in woods areas. Grooming will continue this week on C4 and C5 North, and all trails will be done as the snow and temperatures allow.

According to the Winona Forest Recreation Association:

Extreme caution must be used on those parts of Hessel and Bargy that are plowed for log truck use. Dog Leg, Frank’s Fancy, North, Hawley, Tail and Wart are all packed.