Fishing Reports for May 10, 2010

This report a courtesy of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.
The following notice has been posted for Lake Ontario waters:
Remember the area around the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Facility is off limits to boating. The restricted area stretches 1,000 yards offshore and extends from the Alcan plant to the Sunset Bay area along Lake Ontario, east of the city of Oswego.
Oswego River/Lake Ontario report:
Oswego River report:
According to Larry Muroski of Larry’s Oswego Salmon Shop:
The water level has been running between 7,000-9,000cfs for the last few days. Otherwise conditions are about the same. Anglers are finding brown trout, steelhead, rainbows and Atlantic salmon from Utica St. to the harbor. Look for walleye near the railroad bridge. Baits are the same: nightcrawlers, leeches, Flat Rap stickbaits, Smithwicks, Rapalas and Challenger stickbaits. Sheephead can be found throughout the river taking crayfish. Look for bluegills, bullhead and crappies in Ox Creek and Three-Mile Creek is producing northern pike and blue gills.
Lake Ontario report:
The wind subsided some by this morning and conditions are expected to improve more by tomorrow. Winds are predicted to be 0-10 mph on Tuesday. Anglers will be anxious to get on the lake after the last couple of days. When conditions are favorable, anglers are finding brown trout and some salmon. Suggested baits are Smithwick Rogues, Rapalas, Thundersticks, and spoons such as Stingers and Dreamweavers.
Mexico Bay report:
Fishing on Lake Ontario was not an option over the weekend with the wind. Conditions are expected to improve for Tuesday morning. Last week the early bite was the most productive. Until we get reports, look in shoreline  water for browns, 100/120’ depth bottom bouncing for lakers with kings roaming the 100’ contour.
Salmon River report:
What a change from last weekend with temperatures 30-40 degrees colder, high winds and rain. The majority of fish have dropped back to the lake but anglers can still find a few drop backs scattered throughout the river. Cover lots of water and fish the fast water in the head of deeper holes.
Pulaski Area report:
The weather report was right for the weekend with wind and rain. Anglers were finding brown trout and some salmon last week but we do not have a lot to report at this time. Once conditions improve, look for brown trout and some salmon using Rapalas, Thunderstick and Michigan Stingers.
Oneida Lake report:
The story is the same for most areas today. The wind has finally settled down after a pretty wild weekend. It will take a couple of days for any patterns to set up but you will likely find some hungry walleye. Spinners, jigs and stickbaits are the choice of bait. Look for pickerel in more shallow depths along the shoreline. Crappies are active in the Toad Harbor area and bullhead are taking worms and leeches in the Big Bay area.
Sandy Pond report:
It was a tough fishing weekend all over. As conditions improve, look for walleyes using spinner baits with worms, and stickbaits trolled slowly off planer boards. Big shiners, big spinner baits and stickbaits are suggested for the northern pike. Perch are taking minnows and bluegills are responding to small jigs tipped with minnows under a bobber.