Fishing Reports for October 31, 2011

This report a courtesy of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

Oswego River report:

According to Larry’s Oswego Salmon Shop:

The water flow was above the 10,000cfs mark for much of the weekend. This morning it has dropped to 9,220cfs and with little precipitation in the forecast, hopefully we will see a continual drop in the level. With the higher water, there were fewer anglers out this weekend. The weather was decent and some anglers took advantage of it working the waters off the east shore and the west side walkway. Driftboats were also active. Brown trout and steelhead were taking flies and trout beads and a good number of salmon can still be found in the river. Night fishing from the Utica Street bridge north has also been productive although it has been rather hit or miss.

Salmon River report:

According to Capt. Andy Bliss of Chasin’ Tail Adventures:

Good early bite on the SR on Sunday. Beads were getting the job done. The leaves picked up and the bite slowed down but we picked all day. The water level has dropped to 750cfs.

According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:

The crowds are down with the higher water, but the fishing is still good. Anglers reported an active morning and with the light wind, leaves are better today. I have talked to anglers that have been on the upper river and it sounds like that is fishing well.

Oneida Lake report:

The nighttime walleye bite continues to get better as the temperatures are cooling off. Stickbaits in black/silver and blue/silver have been working well just before and after dark. Smallmouth bass have not been cooperating as they are feeding on small gizzard shad and yellow perch fishing has been on and off although some nice sized ones are being reported.

Sandy Pond report:

According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:

Activity on the pond is quiet as is typical for this time of year.