Fitzhugh Park School Musical a Success

OSWEGO – The Captain’s Choir and Crew proudly presented their eighth world premiere musical written by Garrett Heater and designed by Missy Valenzuela recently at the Ralph M. Faust Theatre of the Performing Arts at Oswego High School.

Fitzhugh Park Elementary School students perform recently in the musical Tennessee Lee and the Curse of the Mummy.
Fitzhugh Park Elementary School students perform recently in the musical Tennessee Lee and the Curse of the Mummy.

The musical Tennessee Lee and the Curse of the Mummy had been in rehearsals since March and the students were ready to present this phenomenal evening of comedy and song to the community.

The story follows the great adventurer Tennessee Lee (Connor Mulcahey), librarian Cassie Callnumber (Cassidy Proud), Baron von Geldington (David Harvey), Dr. Komet (Kyle Rice), King Ptolemy XIII (Alfonso Alonso) and Dewey Decimal (Evan Caroccio) on a time-traveling adventure to Ancient Egypt.

Once there they encounter notorious historical figures Julius Caesar (Alixander Pauldine), Cleopatra (Jade Doran), Caesar’s wife Calpurnia (KatieLynn Nettles), Cleopatra’s sister Arsinoe (Victoria Payne), high priestess Nepthys (McKenzie Westberry) and the Mummy of King Khufu (Isayah Hayes).

Roman soldiers were played by Zachary Kinney, Aiden Seinoski, Hunter Hudson and Alex Loomis.

Readers in the Peoria Public Library were played by Trevor Mercier, Keyon Johnston, Elizabeth Gosselin, Makayla Libbey, Aiden Seinoski, Zachary Kinney, Preston Wilkinson, Autumn Lee, Hunter Hudson, Candice Francisco, Alex Loomis and Nathan Dunn.

Cleopatra’s handmaidens were played by Kirsten Young, Laila Hall, Jasmine Dygert, Riley Putnam, Eloisa Orta, Kailly Santos, Emma McManus, Kaitlyn Perrone, Madison Thamarus, Liz Bacon, Emily Young, Tessa Evans, Jade Peterson, Meg Miner and Christiona Levendusky.

Ptolemy’s ancestors were played by Kelli Rowley, Meg Corrice, Maiya Gunther, Lorin Bailey, Jozlyn Fiorito, Brenna Williams, Madison Myers, Meg McCarey, Mariah Pepper and Jasmine McCracken.

Oswego High School students and alumni made up King Khufu’s band including: Ana Alcasid, Nina Alcasid, Nick Sheary, Paul Oleyourryk, Tyme Baez, Brandon Walker, Jordan Crapser, Heather Carapetyan, Amanda Cali, Ryan Smith, Chris van Gorder, Andrew Hook, Justin Abbott, with special guest percussionist Tom Norton.