FitzPatrick Nuclear Waste Facility

To the Editor,Entergy Corporation’s decision to discontinue electricity production at the FitzPatrick facility requires the company to transition it to a nuclear waste facility, hopefully different than the West Valley contaminated site.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorized in 2014 that no environmental impact statements are required for continued storage of spent nuclear fuel beyond the licensed life of a nuclear power plant. Therefore, Entergy will continue to operate the facility for at least 60 years as a nuclear waste site.

The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 establishes a Nuclear Waste Fund that receives monies from consumers of FitzPatrick nuclear electricity.

Entergy can use the monies to operate the facility to maintain the disposal and storage of the nuclear waste. Since Entergy is receiving Nuclear Waste Fund monies, then the Fund will have less annually over the 60 years of storage to safely protect the health, safety and welfare of the workers and the community.

However, Entergy can responsibly apply to the federal government for US Department of Energy monies to research and develop environmentally sound storage methods and technology, or create another West Valley contaminated site.

In addition, Entergy can use their own revenues to cost-share nuclear waste storage technology development to improve operation of the site and continue to pay real property taxes to the school district and the municipality.

And possibly create technology that can be manufactured in Oswego County.

Since the FitzPatrick facility will remain in operation as a nuclear waste site, then investment of public and private funds into nuclear waste technology will provide employment opportunities at the site and possibly create manufacturing employment opportunities in Oswego County.

Of course, Entergy may decide to transition FitzPatrick into another West Valley, then the community needs to prepare lawsuits against Entergy using the federal Responsible Corporate Officers doctrine to protect our Constitutional rights.

Sincerely, Michael McGlynn
Watervliet, NY

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  1. Does anyone in Oswego County believe that Entergy will do the right thing going forward? If so, you’re living in some fantasy world.
    Keep voting GOP and you’ll continue to get exactly the gubmint and poisoned environment you deserve.

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