Five New Oswego Councilors Elected

OSWEGO – There are five new members of Oswego’s seven-member Common Council.

Voters elected newcomers: Sue McBrearty (D) in the First Ward, Linda DeMassi (R) in the Second Ward, Kevin Hill (R) in the Third Ward, Robert Wilmott (R) in the Fourth Ward, and Ron Tesoriero (R) in the Sixth Ward.

Two incumbents: John Gosek Jr. (R) in the Fifth Ward and Robert Corradino (R) in the Seventh Ward were re-elected.

Only three of the races were contested.

Hill, Gosek, Tesoriero, Corradino were all unopposed.

The incumbents chose not to seek re-election in wards One, Two, Three, Four, and Sixth.

Nate Emmons, current Third Ward councilor, ran a successful campaign for the District 15 seat in the County Legislature.

“I am extremely honored,” McBrearty said. “I look forward to representing the people of the First Ward on the city council.”

Code enforcement will be one of her top priorities, she said.

“Obviously, I’m going to have some stuff to learn. Things are a bit different on the county level than at the city level,” Emmons said.

“I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues on the council,” Hill said. “I’m very happy to serve the residents of the Third Ward; especially looking forward to continuing the momentum the city has seen over the last two years. I think that we’re moving in the right direction.”

“Among my priorities is following through and taking care of the issues that I promised to do for my constituents,” DeMassi said. “There is a lot that I want to get done. I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m looking forward to diving into the issues in our ward that are affecting our every day life.”

She also thanked her opponent for a clean race, and her constituents for their support.

“I believe they will hit the ground running. I plan to meet with each councilor-elect individually before they take office to hear and discuss their priorities and goals,” Mayor Billy Barlow said. “I plan to be as helpful as I can be getting them up to speed on city issues and background information on various challenges and projects we are currently working on.”

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  1. Congratulation to all our new councilors. Good luck and i do hope everyone will communicate with our community. Please if you say your going to call back please do so,because 3 years ago this happened to me from a councilor and i never received a phone call back.To me that’s a bad representative. Thank you.

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