Flashing Signal Light, Traffic Signage Changes Announced

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City Traffic Advisory Committee recently made the following recommendations:

Discontinue the flashing signal light at West Seneca Street and Liberty Street.  This intersection already has stop signs on Liberty Street.

Change the Yield Sign for westbound traffic at East Bridge Street and Route 104 (Just west of East 10th and Route 104 by Monroe Muffler) to a Stop Sign.

All City owned traffic lights on West and East Utica streets and at West First and Erie Street will automatically flash red in all directions if there is an issue with the traffic control computer.

This will make all city three colored traffic lights consistent with all state owned three colored traffic lights along Route 104.

No truck and/or commercial vehicles, tractors or tractor-trailer combinations, in excess of five tons will be allowed to travel on the following streets between Route 104 and Washington Boulevard, except for delivery or pickup of merchandise or other property along said streets:  Fifth Avenue, Sheldon Avenue, Gregory Street and Draper Street.

Mayor Randy Bateman has signed the orders to make said changes at the above locations.

These changes will not go into effect until after Monday, Nov. 1.