Former Fulton Man Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Providence R.I.

According to authorities in Providence, R.I., a Fulton man is somehow involved in an assault that left a college basketball player hospitalized in critical condition.

Around 2:23 a.m. on Sunday May 12, Joseph Sharkey, a Brown University basketball player was punched in the head, leaving him seriously injured.

Sharkey fractured his skull on the concrete and was taken to a Rhode Island hospital.

He was last reported as being in critical condition.

On Wednesday May 15, Tory Lussier, of Vernon, Connecticut, was arrested for allegedly assaulting Sharkey and was released on bail on Friday May 17.

Also on the 17th, Dillon James “DJ” Ingham of Fulton was charged with one count of disorderly conduct related to the incident.

Ingham is also a student at Brown where he is a member of the football and wrestling teams.

Ingham and Sharkey are both brothers of Theta Delta Chi fraternity.

Ingham has been released from custody and will be arraigned later this week, police said.

There are currently conflicting stories related to the incident.

Police and eyewitnesses have been calling the assault unprovoked. However, Lussier’s attorney claims the man was “acting in self-defense.”

Providence Police currently aren’t saying what Ingham’s involvement with the case is as the investigation is still pending, and police reports are yet to be released.

The Ingham family also declined to comment on the story.