Former Nestle Parking Lot Sold to Developer, Anticipate Lease to Charter Communications

FULTON, NY – Construction, Design and Management Inc. was unanimously approved by the Fulton Common Council for the purchase of a lot on Fay Street between South Sixth and South Seventh streets at a purchase price of $110,000 on Tuesday (March 5.)

Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. said the company plans to construct a 9,000 square foot building to operate as office space and a distribution center contingent on a lease agreement with Charter Communications.

Plans to construct the building on the former Nestle parking lot are underway. A Construction, Design and Management Inc. representative anticipates construction to be complete “by years end.”

Based out of Oswego, Charter Communications anticipates holding a lease in the building as the company looks to construct a hub in Fulton. This location will employ 3-5 consistent employees relocating from existing positions.

“It’s going to be a place where technicians go pick up equipment to go provide their service to the community,” a Charters Communication representative explained.

The location will be open primarily from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. with no trucking traffic and will not operate as a retail store, but will remain open as a retail store at its Oswego location.

Once weekly, 30 of the company’s employees will meet at the location for a brief meeting.

“It’s more development for Fulton. It’s a clean business and puts that property back on the tax rolls. I think this speaks to the health of Fulton,” Mayor Woodward said.

While in support of the purchase, Oswego County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. addressed possible future concerns centering around parking for the Hulett Park playground that stands on the same block as the purchased lot.

Anticipating a new splash park to be constructed at the playground this spring, Castiglia said the city should anticipate increased traffic to the already popular playground. As the Fay Street parking lot is currently used as overflow parking, Castiglia questioned any possible alternative to keep traffic from parking on privately owned properties.

Mayor Woodward said the city will address that issue on an as-needed basis with no hesitation to incorporate a paved parking section on any of the park’s contiguous side streets.

Charter Communications marks the third parcel of the former Nestle site sold since the city took the 24-acre property on tax foreclosure in 2015.

In 2015, the existing building formerly known as Nestle building #30 on Fay Street and the adjoining parking lot on S. Fourth St. were sold to Gary Springs for a total price of $100,000.

After contracting work to demolish the rest of the site in its entirety, the first development on the cleared site came in 2017 when international supermarket chain ALDI purchased a 2.2 acre parcel on the corner of Fay and South Fourth Street for $350,000.

Members of the Common Council shared sentiments of excitement to be welcoming yet another business and encouraged to continue developed the remaining 22 acres of the former Nestle site.


  1. Very good…but mr.mayor you did not bring charter here ..let’s put that out there… residents in the city … BEWARE THIS WHOLE REGEIME NEEDS TO GO.GET OUT AND VOTE ..PLEASE ITS SLEEPING AROUND WITH OUR MONEY….POINT SAID…

  2. Healthy debate; both pro and con is good. Lets be civil and supportive of Mayor Woodward and his administration and concerned optimists that are trying to revive Fulton. The city was dealt several bad financial blows over the last decades and recovery takes time. Good things are happening! Fulton is progressing; good recovery is happening. It doesn’t matter who brought Charter here. The important thing is WORKING toward a positive environment for Charter and other organizations to establish and grow and stay here.

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