Former Nestles Demolition Update: Photos

Former Nestles site demolition in Fulton. Progress pictured on 7/19/2016.

*Pictures of demolition progress as of July 19, 2016

FULTON, NY – As the July 1 demolition deadline set forth in a contract with Aldi has come and gone, city officials remain adamant that the agreement with Aldi will forge on.

The 24-acre site in Fulton best known as the former home of Nestles factory has started being demolished by Infinity Enterprises who offered to do the work at no charge to the city, but instead rights to all salvageable materials on the site.

Interest in a corner lot on South Fourth and Fay streets has come from international supermarket chain, Aldi who then signed a contract with the city of Fulton in hopes to build and open a store at this location by Christmas of this year.

In the initial contract, Aldi signed the purchase price of $450,000 giving the city until July 1 to have the desired lot entirely demolished and brought up to road level as to be completely build ready for Aldi to construct their own building.

Anywhere from four to six feet below grade, the common council has approved the purchase of crushed brick from Mark Lindsley of Infinity Enterprises to bring the site to ground level after crushing the bricks on site.

At a recent council meeting (July 19), Mayor Woodward ensured the city was getting a deal on the crushed brick after competitive pricing comparisons came in at $12-$16 per yard as compared to the $10 per yard the city intends to pay Infinity for the approximately 25,000 yards needed.

Some of the delay in demolition came from numerous anonymous complaints that temporarily stopped work on the site, Mayor Woodward said.

He added that the latest complaint stopped work on the site last Friday (July 15) for four hours, but confirmed that all of the complaints have been unfounded.

“I am adamant that we do everything by the books,” Woodward said.

Further delays came when more asbestos than anticipated was discovered within the buildings.

Despite the delays, executive director of the community development agency, Joe Fiumara has confirmed that Aldi is still interested and pursuing their contract with the city.

City and Aldi officials worked to amend language in the contract that provided an extension for demolition completion, Fiumara said and added that they had continued with necessary paperwork to finalize the purchase when demolition is completed.

“We’re not that far off from where we need to be now,” said Mayor Woodward, adding that once the brick crusher gets started on site the large piles of brick will quickly dissipate.

Woodward explained that the crusher is able to separate the brick from metal as much of it is attached and also has its own irrigation system to water down the materials as they are crushed.

For now, many residents of Fulton are tracking progress of the iconic Nestles site as trees can now be seen from State Route 481 for the first time in years since the once thriving factory was originally built.

Former Nestles site demolition in Fulton. Progress pictured on 7/19/2016.
Former Nestles site demolition in Fulton. Progress pictured on 7/19/2016.


  1. There has never been any question that ALDI was coming here. The question is when? My guess is the site won’t be ready until Sept. 1st at the latest and Aug. 15th at the earliest. Next question is how much are they going to pay ? Then there is the fact that the city again doesn’t have a Performance Bond and the city may again be left with a mess and the cost to clean it up. One of the city Governments job is to protect the interest of it’s citizens and in this case they may not have done that. I’m sure that someone will say “Stop the negativeness Frank”. That is what they say when you ask questions and they don’t like them or they don’t have the answers.

  2. I agree with you Frank. The performance bond would have ensured the demo and revettment timeline was on track. What is the real consequence for Infinity to take their sweet time or have the occasional on the payroll crony call in a complaint? Nothing. Infinity is making money regardless. Even if Aldis backs out and decides to move to Oswego where all the state’s investment money is going, Infinity will continue making money. There is no way you can build a grocery store in 3 months with Fulton’s track record of management and iffy fall weather.

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