Former Resident and Horsewoman has Book Signing at River’s End

Lisa Manro Dennis, graduate of Oswego High School and former long time resident, will be a guest book signer at The River’s End Bookstore from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, December 30th. The store is located at 19 West Bridge Street in Oswego.

Lisa now resides in Gates, NC with her husband and four children and is an avid horsewoman with a passion for training young horses. Her favorite activities include attending horse shows with her children, trail riding and helping horses in need. She has served as assistant regional director and volunteer coordinator, and has assisted on cruelty investigations for horse rescue organizations. Organizing and promoting various rescue events, Lisa has been beneficial in the rehabilitation and re-homing of hundreds of neglected and abused horses.

Her story in MARES! (ya gotta love em) is one of Fifty Stories to Aid & Inspire Mare Owners compiled by Betsy Kelleher of Granite City, Illinois. Published in 2008 by Xulon Press, the book shares the challenges of dealing with the unique personalities of mares from a positive view. It’s about a strong need for connection, love and acceptance and although it’s about mares, it’s about women too, and the essence of being female.

Mares often require special handling before their best side is evident, and Kelleher believes that “readers will gain a new perspective from this book.” They will find helpful advice on Territorial Mares from Colorado trainer Julie Goodnight and will smile at Dr. Ron Meredith’s delightful view of Gender Training (Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre is an equestrian college in West Virginia). Other stories, such as the one by Lisa Manro Dennis entitled “One Mare that Saved a Life,” share personal experiences with mares that have touched their owners’ hearts. From joy of birth to anguish of loss, this book offers stories of inspiration, love and healing. It is a unique gift opportunity for horse lovers, as no other books have yet been written exclusively about mares.

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