Fran Enwright Recognized as Volunteer of the Month for the American Red Cross

With seven children, twenty-eight grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren, it is difficult to believe that Fran Enwright has the time to do much of anything, however, she is now being recognized for the second time as the Dunkin Donuts Volunteer of the Month, for March, American Red Cross Month.

            At 85 years old, Fran Enwright has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for over twenty years. Her position, Blood Coordinator of Oswego County, is a demanding one. On top of actually working at the registration tables and canteens at blood donation events, she works over the phone and face-to-face at donation centers to recruit volunteers and donors for each event.

            “About five percent of those who are eligible to give actually do,” Enwright notes, “but volunteers and donors are essential in maintaining a healthy blood supply.

            Enwright has personal connections to the Red Cross, as well, as they provided blood for transfusion for her brother, which, she says, helped her become aware of the importance of the blood that the Red Cross provides to hospitals all over the country. “Any disaster, remember, means blood is needed.” The Red Cross relies on not only donors to give blood or donations, but volunteers to organize and participate in events, and transport blood where it is needed.

            From fire response to blood donation, Fran Enwright has had many significant experiences with the Red Cross during her years of volunteering. “When the Red Cross office was still on Bridge St. I remember a fire happening right down the street. An older man had escaped, but he lost everything, his glasses, his medications. And they sat him right down, and told him not to worry. They were able to replace his glasses and his medications, and just provided sincere support.”

            Enwright has seen and helped with many events over the years, and is still glad to help, and to recruit new volunteers. She is still in awe over all that the American Red Cross does. “They are right there to help anybody who needs it. There is so much that they do, it’s unbelievable. And it’s a good feeling that you can call them, and know that they are there.”