Frank Castiglia Jr. announces bid for Oswego County Legislature

Frank Castiglia Jr. recently announced that he is seeking election to the re-drawn 25th Legislative District in the Oswego County Legislature which encompasses most of the east side of the city of Fulton.

Castiglia is not a politician whose allegiance is to the politically connected few. When he is elected, his number one priority will be the constituents that put him in office.  He will be putting “People before politics.”

Frank Castiglia Jr
Frank Castiglia Jr.

Although a registered Democrat, Castiglia also has the support of the Conservative Party of Oswego County.

The Conservative Party was formed in the early 1960s so that they can be additional advocates of fiscal responsibility and taxpayers` rights.

Castiglia is a candidate that met their criteria and is running on their line.  He also garnered the support of working people of Oswego County when received the endorsement of the Oswego County Central Labor Council.

He is one of the few non-incumbent candidates for county legislature that earned their support.

Castiglia was part of the first graduating class at G.Ray Bodley High School in 1966.

Later on he attended CCBI in Syracuse and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education at New Hampshire College.

Castiglia is very involved in the community.  He is a third degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

He is also a volunteer at Holy Trinity Church bingo and an usher at the 8:30 a.m. mass on Sunday.  He is a frequent columnist in the local media where he thoroughly discusses local matters.

He is semi-retired from the Carrier Corporation in Syracuse where he worked as a supervisor of production and material control.

Prior to working there, he was employed by the Stratford Business School in Syracuse. He started out as a business teacher and advanced through the ranks to become director. He currently works for the city of Fulton School District as a bus driver.

After hearing and reading about the issues going on in our county government, he felt that it was time to stop being a spectator and “get in the game.”

He feels that the local political arena has lost its focus and needs to be put back on track.

He intends to utilize his education and work experience to help bring financial stability and jobs back to Fulton.

In addition to bringing in more jobs, Castiglia`s goals include: a more common sense approach to governing, be fiscally conservative, smaller government, easier environment for small businesses, greater accessibility to your elected officials, qualified people for certain positions and many more.

“A public servant’s duty is to ensure that the public’s money is spent as efficiently as possible and that programs are provided effectively, with transparency and without waste of money or resources, Castiglia said.
He lives in the house that he grew up in.