Fred Beardsley – Hypocrisy at its worst.

On Wednesday 8/21, I was shocked and disgusted to read Fred Beardsley’s public comments in regards to the County Treasurer’s election court case. He said and I quote: “It`s obvious there was an effort to blatantly disregard the rules and laws regarding the filing of petitions.”

To say that this is worse than the pot calling the kettle black would be an extreme understatement.

This is a public official who illegally obtained his current job as Oswego County Treasurer using an outdated 1981 local law that was later invalidated by the New York State Court of Appeals. Nevertheless, his colleagues in his own party in the County Legislature still selected him even though we did not have the legal authority to appoint him. He obviously did not acquire his present position according to the “rules and laws.”

This is a public official when he was chairman of the Legislature, did not keep his word when he said that in exchange for unanimous support in last year`s budget vote, the work on the next budget would began in January. That never happened.

This is a public official who did not keep his word when he said that he wanted a legal county legislative reapportionment plan and would allow county resources to be used to create it. Multiple media outlets reported it and later on, he claimed he never uttered those remarks and was “misquoted.”

For Fred Beardsley to now state that in the race for County Treasurer, all “rules and laws” must be followed, is hypocrisy at its worst.

If he truly feels that he`s the best man for the job, then he would have no problem legitimately acquiring the title in a fair election this fall. Instead, he is concerned and using any means possible to deny the voters of Oswego County a choice and make himself the only candidate for that position this November.

Dan Farfaglia County Legislator Fulton – Granby

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  1. If Mr. Beardsley acquired his job illegally how was he able to keep it? Can you back up your accusation with any sort of proof? Or are you just upset that he caught a Democrat trying to break the rules?

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