Fred Thompson Backs Hoffman

Doug Hoffman, the conservative Republican for Congress (NY-23), today received the endorsement of former United States Senator Fred Thompson. In his letter of endorsement Thompson, a Republican and a nationally recognized leader of the conservative movement, called on like-minded Americans to “Stand with me and support Doug Hoffman, a true conservative for Congress.”

Thompson, whose varied career has included stints as Assistant U.S. Attorney, Minority Counsel on the Senate Watergate committee, lawyer, author, Presidential candidate, and radio talk show host, is best known to many Americans as an actor who has appeared in such blockbuster movies as the Hunt for Red October, Die Hard II and the Emmy Award winning TV series Law & Order.

In his endorsement letter, which is being distributed nationally, Thompson wrote: “If ever there was an opportunity to send a message to Washington, to the Obama Administration and to the politicians who have made careers of ignoring the will of the people they represent. Running, as the Conservative Party candidate, in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, Doug Hoffman is doing just that.”

(Full text of the letter may be found below)

Doug Hoffman said: “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Fred Thompson. Throughout his career he has exemplified what public service should be all about. He has stood tall for the conservative principles that this nation needs and that the voters of the 23rd Congressional District believe in. He has fought to shrink the deficit, to battle the endless cycle of increased spending and increased taxes that is breaking the backs of average Americans and to make sure that our military has the resources needed to fight terrorism and to protect our nation. When I’m elected to Congress I will fight for these conservative principles and the many others I share with Fred Thompson.”

Doug Hoffman’s campaign for Congress has quickly become a focus of the conservative movement. This “off year” special election is viewed by many as a referendum on the first year of the Obama Administration and a battle for the “hearts and soul” of the Republican Party. Supporters from the district, New York State and the nation have been contributing and volunteering by visiting .

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Dear FredPAC Supporter,

I’m endorsing Doug Hoffman, and I think it’s important that conservatives in New York – and across America – support him. Here’s why:

Doug is a conservative, who understands that our freedom is our greatest strength, that life is a precious gift, and that getting back to our founding principles will ensure our nation’s security and prosperity for us and for our children and grandchildren.

If ever there was an opportunity to send a message to Washington, to the Obama Administration, and to the politicians who have made careers of ignoring the will of the people they represent, Running as the Conservative Party candidate in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, Doug Hoffman is giving us a great opportunity to do just that. It’s time we sent a man to Capitol Hill who is truly independent, who will fight for limited government, economic liberty and respect for the rule of law.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last three years traveling America listening to our fellow citizens’ concerns. Over the past eight months we’ve seen those concerns voiced loud and clear: about how our current leadership is frittering away our nation’s security from global threats, about the trillions in debt Washington is weighing down on America’s next generations, about Washington’s attempts to regulate our way of life with so many czars you’d think we actually lost the Cold War.

You’ve seen what’s happening around the country. Conservatives are standing up and making it clear that our fight today isn’t bound by parties. It’s about saving our country and getting back to the foundational principles of liberty, free markets and the rule of law. Even if you don’t live in Upstate New York, we all have a stake in Doug’s campaign if you believe those conservatives principles are worth fighting for.

Stand with me, and support Doug Hoffman, a true conservative, for Congress by clicking here.

Signature / Fred Thomson

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