Frederick Leighton Rewards Sixth Graders

Submitted Article

OSWEGO, NY – Frederick Leighton Elementary School sixth graders Abigail Allen and Joseph Clavelli were this year’s recipients of the STARR awards.

Six years ago, former teacher Roberta Barbera, Joan Walbourn and former principal David Forbes contributed their retirement gifts to the FLS Character Education Committee for an award which would be presented to two sixth graders who have displayed exemplary character.

Barbera returned to present the STARR Awards.

Leighton STARR Awards were presented to Abigail Allen and Joseph Clavelli. Presenting the honors to the recipients were Roberta Barbera, John Garruto, Principal Julie Burger and Jennifer Symborski.She noted that “STARR represents Sharing, Trustworthy and Respectful, Responsible Citizen of Frederick Leighton Elementary School.”

She introduced this year’s nominees included Abigail Allen, Joseph Clavelli, Graham Barney, Cody Cheeley, Hannah Fitzgerald, Rodney Howard, Hailey Ihlow, Courtney Johnson, Brooke Krassowski, Anne Reynolds and Taylor Simpson and all received certificates to recognize their efforts.

Abigail Allen was the recipient of the New York State Office of State Comptroller’s Achievement Award.

This honor is given to a student who has been recognized for their hard work, dedication and success, to academic excellence and civic commitment.

Several students received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards.

The recipients included Abigail Allen, Nicholas Boone, Cody Cheeley, Christopher Dennis, Olivia Farden, Hannah Fitzgerald, Haley Graham, Morgan Hillman, Alexis Hoey, Courtney Johnson, Emily King, Brooke Krassowski, Kyle McCauley, Anne Reynolds, Johnna Scruton and Matthew Wise.

Students receiving certificates for Outstanding Education Improvement were Joseph Clavelli, Timothy Fantom, Hailey Ihlow, Taylor Simpson and Jordan Sherman.

Students were excited about advancing to seventh grade.

Students moving on in Catherine Kelly’s class included Christopher Aller, Gabriella Gonzalez, Haley Graham, Andrew Hall, Alexis Hoey, Jessica Johnston, Cayla-Ann Knopp, Cory Moshier, Michael Prevo, Tyler Pulver, Johnna Scruton, Jordan Sherman, Taylor Simpson, Tiffany Smith, Jorge Vasquez-Bernardo Jr., Loren Willmes, Gabriel Wise and Matthew Wise.

In Jennifer Cahill’s class the students advancing to seventh grade included Abigail Allen, Graham Barney, Nicholas Boone, Timothy Fantom, Olivia Farden, Charlene Fragale, Rodney Howard Jr., Lilli Johndrew, Courtney Johnson, Emily King, Brooke Krassowski, Denise Lamphier, Kyle McCauley, Kaeley Miles, Destiny Palmer, Anne Reynolds, Gregory Rhinehart, Michael Slight, Tiffany Sobrino and Brandon Wolfe.

Students moving on in Laurel Artz’s class included Allison Batchelor, Danielle Boyzuck, Zackary Bunnell, Devin Caruso, Cody Cheeley, Joseph Clavelli, Kara Collins, Jonathan Cuyler, Christopher Dennis, Jaraliz Derosa, Hannah Fitzgerald, Matthew Glenn, Morgan Hillman, Hailey Ihlow, Cassidy Jensen, Meghan Livoti, Kayleen Piazza, Joshua Scheirer, Deondra Smith, Jennifer Tale and Cassidy Taylor.

Music teacher Don Bartholomew was also recognized during the assembly as the Frederick Leighton Elementary School yearbook was dedicated to him.