Free Basic Computer Workshops Offered

FULTON, NY – On Wednesday, February 22 and Wednesday, February 29 the Fulton, E-Commerce Incubator will offer free basic computer workshops.

These workshops will be hosted by Jessica Galvin, Instructor at Oswego Public Library’s Public Computing Center (PCC).

Both the PCC and the E-Commerce Incubator are part of an initiative to educate community members about technology, to bring workplace skills and small business strategies to members of the public and to demystify technology for senior citizens.

The E-Commerce Incubator basic computer class will include basic computer parts, using applications such as Microsoft Word, creating and organizing files and folders, creating an email account and sending email attachments.

The E-Commerce Incubator is located at 34 S. First St., Fulton.

To sign up for this free service or if you have any questions, contact Chena Tucker at 315-529-3438 or email [email protected]