Friendly’s Acquires Oswego Restaurant, Keeping It Open

By Nick Wojton, Contributing Writer
OSWEGO, NY – Despite the closing of several Friendly’s restaurants around the Central New York area, the restaurant located in Oswego just completed a positive ownership transition.

The restaurant has been located in Oswego for more than 40 years.

Until recently, it was a franchised restaurant.

The Friendly’s corporation saw it fit to buy the restaurant back.

“Nothing has changed,” a source told Oswego County Today.  “It’s a smooth transition.”

Patrons of the restaurant can expect the same Friendly’s quality they’ve previously received since the corporation makes the franchises still continue to follow their standards.

The Friendly’s Ice Cream Corp., which owns a chain of restaurants along the East Coast of the United States, had financial difficulties in 2011 when the company filed for bankruptcy and closed the doors on about 100 of its stores.

During that time the Oswego restaurant remained open.

The store located on West Bridge Street is viewing the change of ownership as a positive sign for the company’s business in Oswego.

While the Oswego store has been purchased back by the company, others in the Central New York area haven’t been receiving as positive news.

Other areas that have not been as fortunate include the Liverpool Friendly’s restaurants.

The closings are only taking place in markets which have already been “saturated” by Friendly’s; Liverpool alone has two Friendly’s restaurants just 4.5 miles between them, according to Friendly’s website.

In close proximity are Clay, Camillus and Syracuse Friendly’s.