Friends of Rachel Club at FJHS continue chain of kindness

Students at Fulton Junior High School pledged to continue to build a chain reaction of kindness and compassion following the recent visit to their school by Rachel’s Challenge.

Rachel Joy Scott was the first person killed during the Columbine High School shooting and her father began sharing Rachel’s message of kindness and compassion following her death.

Alexus Barker, left and Alexis Kurak work as a team to create and decorate a special “kindness box” which will be used to collect special slips that recognize acts of kindness performed by students at Fulton Junior High School. The idea stemmed from a recent Rachel’s Challenge presentation at the school. The focus of the presentation was to spread kindness and compassion and to build a positive sense of family and community in the school.

He and others have shared her story and writings with millions of young people in thousands of schools. Rachel’s Challenge encourages schools to continue to spread the message and form Friends of Rachel (FOR) groups which work to build a positive culture in the school and community.

One way the group has begun their work, is a recent project where every student in the school traced their hand, wrote a positive statement on the hand and members of the FOR group cut them out and placed them in visible areas throughout the school as a physical reminder to spread and reinforce positive change.

They also worked to create kindness boxes where names of people who are recognized for kind acts will be placed.

A fundraising event for the group will be held at the Fulton Junior High School on October 19 from 5:30-7 p.m.

Lucas Clark, eighth grader at FJHS and member of the Friends of Rachel group at the school, works to cut out one of the many positive hands for kindness that will be on display throughout the school.

“Kids Night Out” will be a fun-filled evening for students enrolled at FJHS. The event will feature an autumn carnival theme with a bounce house, face painting, crafts, Wii games, and more.

Cost for admittance will be $3. Food will also be available for an additional cost. All proceeds will go to the Friends of Rachel club to be used to continue the positive culture in the school.

The supervised event will allow students to participate in fun activities, while parents can enjoy a few hours to themselves knowing that their child is in a safe and positive atmosphere for the evening.

For more information about Friends of Rachel, or Kids Night Out, call the Junior High School at 593-5440.