Fulton’s Arts Partners Launches Membership Drive

Submitted by Fulton’s Arts Partners

With the recent Memorial Day Salute in Fulton, Arts Partners launched an official membership drive in support of their goal to open CNY Arts Center there. The group, formed earlier this spring, hopes to open a facility in Fulton to house a theater, art gallery and space for studios, workshops and classes for all ages and all arts.

“We firmly believe the benefits far outweigh the effort and investment. Fulton needs the economic benefits. Now more than ever we must reinvent ourselves to have a viable future. We must do all we can to raise public awareness and give everyone an opportunity to participate in this project,” says Nancy Fox, coordinator.

To accomplish that, the group launched a Charter Arts Partner Membership campaign and handed out brochures detailing the benefits of an arts center for the community.

“The membership cost is nominal so that everyone can afford to belong, but also creates a commitment between us and the community. As Charter Members, everyone has vested interest in something we expect will be a staple in the community for generations to come,” Fox continues. “Every group starts small with those who are passionate about the cause and we want to attract others who will be a part of that legacy…a part of something positive in Fulton that will be a turning point for the city’s future. A thousand members will give a clear indication of a community in favor of this effort.Of course, charter membership is only possible this first year.”

“We’re actively searching for space to begin programming, however limited for now. Once programming is established and audiences know where to find us, we will expand as space allows. We’re calling on the community to speak up and be heard, be a part of the solution to better things and a brighter future.”

The group also recently launched a web site, www.CNYArtsCenter.com, where the public can go for more information and to follow the group’s progress. Advocates for the arts initiative are also available to speak to groups by calling Fox at 598-8812.